Meeting Notes 2019


Meeting Notes 2019 – What happened in our Monthly Meetings

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January 2019 Meeting :  Our first meeting of 2019 was opened with Linux News that gave us the illusion of time travel, because it was all about the initial competition for the IBM Personal Computer in 1983.  ⇒ Read More

February 2019 Meeting:  The meeting was started with Linux News and the first item was a brief video walk-around of the first Raspberry Pi retail store. ⇒  Read More

March 2019 Meeting:  The Linux News session was quite different to that of previous months. Nick Vespo described the process he used to create a media server for his network. ⇒  Read More

April 2019 Meeting:   In the Linux News session Nick Vespo continued describing the recent changes he has made to his network and he outlined his choice of a firewall. ⇒  Read More

May 2019 Meeting: In the Linux News session the first item was a video made by a Chinese man of his building a tablet/computer from components. ⇒  Read More

June 2019 Meeting: First up in Linux News was a video with advice on choosing your first Linux Distribution. The video described two available tools. ⇒  Read More

July 2019 Meeting: As usual, Linux News was the first item for discussion.  Unusually, the first topic was about Windows 10 sandbox. ⇒  Read More

August 2019:  The Linux News at this meeting was something of a departure from the usual. The video shown claimed that we could be witnessing the start of a new industry. This is the creation of new homes via an up-scaled version of 3D printing.  ⇒  Read More

September 2019:  The Linux News for this month was about Android – which does use the Linux kernel, after all. The question addressed was “can you use an Android-based phone or tablet without accessing Google services?”  ⇒   Read More

October 2019:  We started with Nick Vespo and Linux News. First up was the not-so-secret Android10 beta. ⇒  Read More

November 2019:  Nick’s Linux News this month was quite an event. We started with a demo of Nick’s frustrations in importing bookmarks into Firefox.  ⇒  Read More




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