Past Presentations

Past Presentations

Click on the links below to see Powerpoint Demo’s or download Files from past presentations


Topaz AI Examples – Click for downloadable Videos of past Melbourne PC Meetings in both original .MPG format and upgraded .MP4 format.

Shooting Video on a Smartphone – Richard Balsillie’s Guide for beginners to shoot video using mobile phones (with particular guidance for wheelchair users)

My Video Production Techniques – Colin Paxman’s presentation to the Video Production Group

History of the Video SIG – PC Update Article giving history of our Special Interest Group.

Video SIG Meeting 20200925 – Videos from the September SIG Meeting

Video SIG Meeting 20201127 – Video of the November SIG Meeting

Video SIG Meeting 20210528 – Video of the May 2021 SIG Meeting

Video SIG Meeting October 2021 – Extracts of presenters videos

Tips for using SHOTCUT – Richard Balsillies tips for using Shotcut – (Shotcut can be downloaded from the Video SIG Home page link below

Stabiliser Tests from September 2021 SIG Meeting – Richard Balsillie and Roger Wragg’s Test Videos demonstrating the Zhiyun Smooth 4 and DJI Ronin S.

Using AVIdemux to edit a Zoom Meeting Video  – Video from October 2021 Meeting

(below are some members videos that have been shown at our Video Meetings)

Gardiner Reserve by Richard Balsillie

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