Membership – Join or Renew

Membership - Join or Renew

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New Membership Applications

You can apply for membership using the online membership application form. If you would prefer to apply for membership off line, then download a Membership Application Form, fill it out and send it to our office.

We have the following membership categories …

Membership Type Annual Membership Fee
Individual $105.00
Family Members (spouse and/or Children) $27.50 - see note 1 below
Pensioners $88.00 - see note 2 below
Student A - (25+ years old) $88.00
Student B - (14 to 25 years old) $38.50
Corporate $205.00 - see note 3 below

Note 1 - Family memberships are additional to a specific individual membership.
Changes to family membership must be notified in writing to the Secretary.
Note 2 - Available to holders of a Centrelink Pension Concession Card.
Note 3 - A Corporate membership has two representatives.

General Information relating to Membership

There is no joining fee for new members. The only ongoing fee is the annual membership fee.

The Official Melb PC rules can be downloaded  here.
Information about our Rules and Management Committee can be found here.

Renewing Your Membership

About 4 weeks prior to your membership expiry date, the MelbPC’s office will send you a membership renewal invoice via Email.

You can then renew your membership online. To do this, Click or tap on the  Member Login top menu item to start the login dialogue. If you are already logged in, instead of Member Login, you will see Member Dashboard. The Member Dashboard will have an option to renew your membership.

If you are having problems with renewing your membership online, please contact the Melb PC office via phone (03 9276 4000) or email (