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Want login-access to Members Area? — read on …

  • For access to the Members Area, you need a MelbPC Account (i.e. username & password) — available only to members.
  • Getting a MelbPC Account does NOT mean you are asked to use MelbPC as your email provider
  • Nor are you locked or forced into using Microsoft software.


About Members Area — when you have a MelbPC Account, you can login to get:

  • PC Update — download our newsletter
  • Yammer — MelbPC’s private online forum
  • Office365 — cloud services — Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Yammer, OneDrive and Email through MelbPC’s Enterprise subscription.
  • Video of Monthly Meetings — Download or stream video of previous meetings. Temporary arrangements for video are given here before we have settled on more permanent arrangements.
  • Committee Minutes & Financials
  • Special offers to members, inc. Office365 Proplus
  • Dial Help — second-level of help, of a more in-depth specialist nature
  • And more
    • Not a MelbPC member? Consider joining.


About MelbPC Accounts

  • It is anticipated that ALL MelbPC members will have a MelbPC Account, as the Members Area will be a primary way of members receiving information from MelbPC.
  • A MelbPC Account consists of a username of the form [email protected] and a password and provides login to Members Area.
    • Getting a MelbPC Account does NOT mean you are asked to use MelbPC as your email provider — members can have their email service with any supplier.
      • Microsoft’s Office365 Active Directory infrastructure is used to validate all members’ passwords.
    • Nor are you locked or forced into using Microsoft software.
    • A “MelbPC Account” is the new name to what was previously called a “MelbPC Office365 Account” — they are one and the same thing.
  • A MelbPC Account is available here to every MelbPC member (see below).
    • Not a MelbPC member? Consider joining.

Do you already have a working MelbPC Account or Office365 Account?

  • If you can login to MelbPC’s Office365, you already have the required “MelbPC Account” — you do not need another account, you do not need to fill in the form below, and you should be able to login straight away here.
  • If you have a username (of the form [email protected]) and password, you can check by logging-in or connecting here.
  • If you have forgotten your username &/or password, contact the Office — see contact iHelp.
  • If you are unsure whether you have a MelbPC Account or not, by all means fill in a form below requesting one, and we will either get the old one working for you, or issue you a new one.


Request a MelbPC Account — also known as MelbPC Office365 Account

  • Preferred Names: Your new Account will have a username like The question will be: what do you want for the XXX ? Usually, this is something resembling your name. e.g. d.livingstone-181 . You will be asked for two preferred names (in case one is already taken). Your preferred names can be longer than previously — at least 24 characters is possible, and the name can include full-stops . and hyphens – . Example: Robert Smith might choose a preferred name of bob.smith .
  • Request MelbPC account:
    • We prefer you use this online form
    • Otherwise: phone the office — see Contact Us.
    • We expect to process new account requests within 3 business days.
    • If you want further assistance setting up your account, please contact iHelp (Tech Support) at Contact Us.