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To obtain video files of the Monthly Meeting activities, members have three choices …

– Download high quality mp4 files from the MelbPC Server
– View a video located in our Video area in Office 365
– Purchase a high definition video DVD of your chosen Monthly Meeting from the Office.

You can see past Notices of Monthly Meetings by using the various links on the Monthly Meeting page – this may assist you in finding meeting dates for presentations you are interested in.

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Downloading Video Files

Past Monthly Meeting videos including the 30th Anniversary Gathering (Nov-2014) video, are available for download. This download facility will require you to enter the username and password found in the regular monthly meeting email which is sent to all members. This username and password is not the same as your regular Office 365 username and password.

Please note that downloading these video files can result in considerable data-usage – files can vary in size from around 100 Mb to several Gigabytes, depending on the presentation. If you have a small download allowance, typically less than 1 Gigabyte per month, or if you are using a mobile broadband account, you might prefer buying a DVD disc to avoid using up a major part of your download quota.

Click or tap here to login & download the original-source mp4 video-recording files.

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View a video from Office365

After logging into Office 365 using your MelbPC account, click/touch the blue “nine dots” icon at the top left hand side to display a partial list of apps available – then click/touch the “All Apps” link to show all the Office 365 Apps. Scroll down to the “video” app and click/touch it. You will then see a selection of images from a range of our videos, including those from recent meetings. To see the full range of videos, click on the Channels label at the top left of the screen. This will display a list of video categories which will allow you to narrow your search for videos from a particular meeting or on a particular topic.

When you have located the video you want to view, click/touch its image and the video will load in your browser ready to commence streaming. If you simply click on the playback symbol in the middle of the screen, the streaming facility will automatically choose the best (highest definition) for your connection and stream the video to your browser at that definition. Faster devices and/or connection speeds consume more data from your allowance.

To adjust your playback definition to a lower value, and hence stream at a lower data rate, you will need to start the video streaming and then click/touch on the pause button that appears. On the bottom of the screen on the right hand side you will see 4 small symbols, each indicating an option you can choose – see screenshot below.

You can now change settings for, from left to right, playback speed, video quality, audio volume, and toggle full screen display. You can then click/touch on the play button on the bottom left hand side of the display to restart the video playback stream using the options you have selected.

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Purchase Monthly meeting videos on a Disc.

The videos of Monthly Meetings are large file-size high resolution videos (WMV files). If your data download allowance and time is limited, it is usually preferable to order the videos on Disc from the MelbPC Office (03 9276 4000) for $4.00 delivered. The disc contains all the videos for the month plus a copy of the months’ PC Update.