iHelp SIG Meetings

Meetings are held approximately 6-12  monthly, 7.30-9.30 pm Online, or at MelbPC Headquarters Level 1, 479 Warrigal Rd, Moorabbin.
The SIG Convener is a rotational position (check iHelpers or with office, for current details)

Minutes are normally prepared by the Secretary and do not become official until approved by the SIG, at the next meeting.

We also have a private group page at yammer.com where resources are available and current issues discussed.

 The following reports are available for past SIG Meetings:-

September 2008* November 2008* February 2009* November 2010* June 2011*
January 2012* September 2013* February 2015* November 2015* July 2016*
April 2018* April 2019* November 2019* June 2020

* Minutes Have been Approved. Click on a link to open in Microsoft Word.
Some Meetings are recorded and can be viewed on MS Stream at iHelp SIG Meeting Videos (Login required).


Meeting Video Description  Link
iHelp Description
Description of the iHelp service and its role in learning
by Mike Allison (iHelp)
Volunteer Award
Recognition Award to Dave Simpson (Convenor)
by John Hall (President)
MelbPC Volunteers Party
Welcome & Presentation Speeches
John Hall (President) and Garage Facilities
MelbPC Volunteers Party
Welcome & Presentation Speeches
John Hall (President), Bill Ford (Past Treasurer)
iHelp Remote Demo
Demonstration on features of the iHelp Website
Leighton W (iHelp)


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