PC Update

From The President June 2020

David Stonier-Gibson I hope you are all holding up OK in “iso”. It strikes me that those of us who are retired are the lucky ones, or at least best placed to cope with the potential disruption to our lives.… Continue Reading…

PC Update

The coronavirus pandemic is boosting the big tech transformation to warp speed

Zac Rogers, Flinders University The coronavirus pandemic has sped up changes that were already happening across society, from remote learning and work to e-health, supply chains and logistics, policing, welfare and beyond. Big tech companies have not hesitated to make… Continue Reading…

PC Update

Member Tips and Tricks

Graham Swanston Ed: Thanks to Graham once again for sending these tips and tricks in. If you have any info about software, websites, or hints about an operating system that you think members might benefit from, send it to [email protected].… Continue Reading…

PC Update

Monthly Meeting June 2020

Guest Speakers: John Hollow, Kelvin Cording, Paul Hattam, Craig Evans Topic: SIG Meetings in the time of Corona Now that we are getting so much better at meeting online, it is an ideal time to hear from some of our… Continue Reading…

PC Update

DOTW Winners May 2020

Roger Brown DOTW is a lighthearted look at some of the sillier events of the week. Don’t take it too seriously and do pop over to Chit Chat and vote each week. Thanks to those of our members who occasionally… Continue Reading…

PC Update

Editorial June 2020

Hugh Macdonald Welcome to another edition of PC Update, and already we find ourselves in the sixth month of 2020. This year has already brought so much in just six months: devastating bush fires, a once in a 100 years… Continue Reading…

PC Update

Internet traffic is growing 25 percent each year. We created a fingernail-sized chip that can help the NBN keep up

This tiny micro-comb chip produces a precision rainbow of light that can support transmission of 40 terabits of data per second in standard optic fibres. Corcoran et al., N.Comms., 2020, CC BY-SA Bill Corcoran, Monash University Our internet connections have… Continue Reading…

PC Update

Book Review

Bill Chandler ‘Bruny’ Heather Rose, 2019, Allen and Unwin What a prescient novel!  Infrastructure, regional planning, political shenanigans, foreign interference, and even the mention of a virus.  Heather Rose has written a thriller with more credibility than I was comfortable… Continue Reading…

PC Update

Tech And Your Eyes

Debra Carlson, CVC Computer Club, CO Words like “ergometrics” and “accessibility” fly around when talking about tech devices but what does that mean practically – to the user? First, a definition: Ergometrics is an applied science concerned with designing and… Continue Reading…

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