22nd August 2020

Add a Vimeo video to your Weebly (basic) site

How to add a Vimeo to a Weebly basic website. These instructions assume you have a basic Vimeo account and a free Weebly account and that […]
11th February 2021

Yammer Highlights January 2021

Dennis Parsons Computer Help   In these days of COVID online meetings are ubiquitous and if you wish to fully participate a functioning camera and microphone […]
11th February 2021

Club News February 2021

Hugh Macdonald Upgrades to the AV system at Moorabbin Our Moorabbin headquarters hosted its first in-person monthly meeting since February 2020 on Wednesday 2 February, when […]
13th April 2021

Presidential Musings April 2021

David Stonier-Gibson Internet lounge equipment As part of our refurbishing and de-cluttering the club rooms, we have moved all the Internet Lounge equipment into temporary storage. […]
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