PC Update

How to become a Linux expert by installing Arch

Roger Brown You too can amaze your friends and colleagues by becoming a LINUX EXPERT who runs the very best rolling distribution – Arch Linux. For various reasons, people regard Arch Linux as a Linux distribution requiring a true Linux… Continue Reading…

PC Update

Editorial February 2022

Hugh Macdonald Hello and welcome to another edition of PC Update and welcome to another year in the life of Melbourne PC User Group. I’m sure I wrote something similar last year, but we can only hope that this year… Continue Reading…

PC Update

Club Notices February 2022

A Commodore 64 challenge for Melb PC Harry Lewis Melb PC was approached recently by local poet Ted Holmes.  Between 1999 and 2001 Ted published three volumes of poems.  For publication at the time he presented his publisher with 3.5″… Continue Reading…

PC Update

Monthly Meeting February 2022

The November 2021 Monthly Meeting was held online on Wednesday 2nd February 2022, with about 90 members in attendance via Zoom. Guest segment: Zero to One Million Hits in 14 Days A discussion with Sue Barrett and Jobst Schmalenbach around… Continue Reading…

PC Update

Interesting Internet Finds

Steve Costello Nearby Share On Android: All You Need To Know https://joyofandroid.com/nearby-share-on-android/ If you are an Android user and want to know about Nearby Share, check out this post. I don’t use it myself, but not because of anything in… Continue Reading…

PC Update

Yammer Highlights January 2022

Dennis Parsons Linux Frank plugged his Kobo eBook into his Linux computer but couldn’t get it to connect properly. The reader was showing as connected on the reader but the computer wasn’t seeing the reader at all – it wasn’t… Continue Reading…

PC Update

Mandatory logins for ABC iview could open an intimate window onto your life

Michael Cowling, CQUniversity Australia Last week, the ABC announced it will begin to track the viewing habits of all users of its iview streaming platform from March 15. This will be done by making users create an account and log… Continue Reading…

PC Update

How To Delete Your Social Media Accounts

Sharon Horwood, Deakin University For more than a decade we’ve been deeply immersed in a love affair with social media. And the thought of ending things can be painful. But like any relationship, if social media is no longer making… Continue Reading…

PC Update

Using Google Workspace

Greg Eden Part 1 – Document scanning and OCR Can you use your Android phone as a document scanner? Yes. As a way of copying old photo prints? Yes. Is it as good as a stand alone scanner? Probably not,… Continue Reading…

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