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ChatGPT Under australian consumer law, what is the best was to handle a vendor who will not honour the warranty on a 3 year old washing machine? Cite references. Under Australian Consumer Law, a consumer has the right to a… Continue Reading…

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David’s test 2

Howzat? Heh? xxxx

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David’s test 1

This is my post   The quick brown fox aain  

PC Update

Revisiting Chromebook

Hugh Macdonald I’ve used a Chromebook in the past and the premise of its operating system, Chrome OS is a great one. It’s a very lightweight operating system that doesn’t require premium CPUs, extensive amounts of memory, or large amounts… Continue Reading…

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From The Editor November/December 2022

Hugh Macdonald So like they say all good things must come to an end, and with my recent decision to become President of Melbourne PC User Group, I no longer feel that I can give PC Update the attention that… Continue Reading…

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The dawn of AI has come, and its implications for education couldn’t be more significant

Vitomir Kovanovic, University of South Australia The release of OpenAI’s ChatGPT chatbot has given us a glimpse into the future of teaching and learning alongside artificial intelligence. Educators immediately pointed out the chatbot’s ability to generate meaningful responses to questions… Continue Reading…

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From The President November/December 2022

Hugh Macdonald Welcome to my very first president’s report in PC Update.   To recap I became president at the November Annual General Meeting and I said I would focus on a number of things for the coming year; to… Continue Reading…

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East SIG Report October 2022

Neil Muller After welcoming members to the October meeting of the East SIG, host Frank Maher then outlined the nights agenda below:  Presentation 1: Q&A with Georg Skarbek Presentation 2: Current Scams and Preventions by Dave Botherway Main presentation: Multimedia home… Continue Reading…

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Not everything we call AI is actually ‘artificial intelligence’. Here’s what you need to know

George Siemens, University of South Australia In August 1955, a group of scientists made a funding request for US$13,500 to host a summer workshop at Dartmouth College, New Hampshire. The field they proposed to explore was artificial intelligence (AI). While… Continue Reading…

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