PC Update

A Change to PC Update Subscriptions

David Stonier-Gibson The Committee has decided not to accept any new subscriptions for the printed version of PC Update. Here’s why: The large, fancy colour laser printer we use in the office is costing us well over $6,000 p.a. on… Continue Reading…

PC Update

Yammer Highlights July 2021

Dennis Parsons NBN Questions and Comments Steve posed the question of whether it was possible to use the 4G fall-back capability of a Telstra Smart Modem to tide his father over for a few days while broadband was connected during… Continue Reading…

PC Update

East SIG Report July 2021

Neil Muller Host Paul Woolard opened the July meeting, again with all members back at home joining the meeting via Zoom. The first presentation of the night was George Skarbek presenting his normal Q&A segment. Q. I have a question… Continue Reading…

PC Update

Member Short Stories: Elephobia

George Wright My wife loves an Apple. I like apples too, but I like eating mine. My computer is Android. Hers backs-up automatically, several times a day. I’ve pointed out that backing-up to a drive in the same computer is… Continue Reading…

PC Update

How one simple rule change could curb online retailers’ snooping on you

Katharine Kemp, UNSW I spent last week studying the 26,000 words of privacy terms published by eBay and Amazon, trying to extract some straight answers, and comparing them to the privacy terms of other online marketplaces such as Kogan and… Continue Reading…

PC Update

Smart Home, Smarter Home

Greg Skalka, Under The Computer Hood User Group Everyone wants some control in their lives. Having the ability to control things in our homes can provide added safety, security, and convenience. Technology to enable consumer home automation and control has… Continue Reading…

PC Update

Forty years of the IBM PC

Hugh Macdonald The twelfth of August 2021 marks forty years since the IBM Personal Computer was first released onto the market. It is widely regarded as a seminal moment in computing history because it spurred on many other companies to… Continue Reading…

PC Update

From The Editor August 2021

Hello and welcome to another edition of PC Update. On the club front our activities have been back online this month. We had an interesting monthly meeting where two speakers, Jacky Barker and Zach Morris discussed their experiences of setting… Continue Reading…

PC Update

Curious Kids: how does music get onto a cassette tape?

Christopher Wenn, The University of Melbourne How does music get onto a cassette tape? — Paul, age 9, Adelaide   Hi Paul! That’s a great question. To answer it very briefly, music is recorded onto a cassette tape using electricity… Continue Reading…

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