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Curious Kids: why do we have a QWERTY keyboard instead of putting the letters in alphabetical order?

Geoff Cumming, La Trobe University Many other key arrangements have been tried. Some are claimed to be easier to learn or faster to use than QWERTY. But none has proved good enough to beat QWERTY. Flickr/Jeff Eaton, CC BY-SA Curious… Continue Reading…

PC Update

Try one of these bootable PC rescue media

Dick Maybach, Member, Brookdale Computer User Group, NJ Modern personal computers are complex assemblies of hardware and software. A problem in a single component can disable the entire system, and sometimes the reason isn’t evident. Often, you can boot the… Continue Reading…

PC Update

Yammer Highlights January 2020

Dennis Parsons Computer Help With the recent official demise of Windows 7 I decided to conduct another of my “quick and dirty” Yammer polls to discover the state of play for members – had they already embraced the inevitable and… Continue Reading…

PC Update

Book Review

Tim McQueen Technically Wrong – sexist apps, biased algorithms and other threats of toxic tech. Sara Wachter-Boettcher, Norton 2017 232 pp There have been several analyses of the current state of computing technology reviewed in PC Update over the last… Continue Reading…

PC Update

February Monthly Meeting

The December Monthly Meeting will be held Wednesday February 5 at 7pm. Guest Speaker: Dr Alasdair McAndrew Our guest speaker is Dr Alasdair McAndrew. His topic is “Modelling complexity with very simple rules”.  This brief talk will demonstrate how to… Continue Reading…

PC Update

Northern Suburbs Linux SIG Report January 2020

David Hatton The first meeting for the year was opened with the now traditional Linux News which featured a video reviewing the rise of Open Source software in the computing landscape. The video featured comments by several “heavy hitters” of… Continue Reading…

PC Update

Editorial February 2020

Hugh Macdonald Hello all, Welcome to the first edition of PC Update for 2020. I hope you had a relaxing holiday period and 2020 has got off to a good start for you. We’ve got another great edition of the… Continue Reading…

PC Update

East SIG Report December 2019

Neil Muller The final meeting for 2019 commenced with the now traditional Christmas BBQ, followed by a shortened meeting. Normal meetings will resume on the second Thursday in February 2020. Following the Christmas BBQ, the December meeting commenced with Q&A… Continue Reading…

PC Update

East SIG Report November 2019

Neil Muller The November meeting opened with George Skarbek conducting his usual Q&A segment. Q: In the last week Windows File Explorer has refused to open when I click its icon. This action has occurred after I loaded Clover, a… Continue Reading…

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