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Roger Brown

DOTW has made the transition to SPACES

Perhaps we should first remind readers about what exactly DOTW is meant to be. Precisely what the acronym “DOTW” stands for has been shrouded in controversy over the years but in practice it is essentially a lighthearted look at some of the sillier events of the week based on nominations from members.

Members make nominations by posting in the #DOTW Nominations space preferab;y with a supporting URL. Nominations are confined to Australian events or the doings of Australian citizens – otherwise a certain overseas president would have won almost every week! In general criminal acts are excluded.

It’s important to remember that the poll is meant to light hearted – when the occasional member gets nominated (even our PRESIDENT!!) it’s all in good fun.

The DOTW poll is posted in the Chit Chat space with links also posted in the All Company and #DOTW spaces, making it easy to find the latest poll at any time.

During the testing phase of Google Spaces, it appeared that a rudimentary poll facility existed and that was used to successfully post several test editions of DOTW. However when Spaces went ‘live’ we suddenly found that the poll facility became inoperative and another method of compiling the poll had to be found.

With some urgent improvisation that was done and DOTW lives on!!

And now let’s review some of the recent winners of the DOTW poll:

• Sky News Australia and the Australian newspaper who have both given substantial publicity this week to false claims that a new “international study” has found no evidence of a climate emergency in records of extreme weather!
• Victoria’s authorities responsible for the state’s Working with Children checks who administer protection laws that are the weakest in the nation.
• Victorian Supported Residential Services which according to evidence provided to the disability royal commission had residents who were routinely hungry, cold and living in unhygienic conditions.
• Former prime minister Scott Morrison who secretly appointed himself to five ministries — including Treasury, without telling the ministers concerned, far less the Australian public.
• Victoria’s government-owned logging company which illegally cleared 1,000 square metres of protected possum habitat and broke the law in 25 out of 30 logging areas, according to a government-commissioned audit.

So if YOU haven’t yet become a DOTW voting addict, do join the Chit Chat space and give DOTW a go. It’s guaranteed 100% addictive!!

Roger Brown


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