DOTW Winners February 2020

Roger Brown

DOTW (whatever that stands for) our weekly Yammer poll and light hearted review of the sillier events of the week, has returned for 2020. Thanks to those who vote and also to the odd member who might “feature” – all in fun of course.

Last month’s “winners” were:

Bridget McKenzie for turning the awarding of sports grants into a political exercise whereby the most important factor was whether the applicant was from an LNP seat, and preferably a marginal one!

Boxer Anthony Mundine who has claimed the deadly coronavirus is a fake and a “ploy” to try and vaccinate the world.

Restaurant and Catering Industry Association chief executive Wes Lambert who apparently believes that the financial difficulties suffered by his members are due to the need to pay wages at the proper legal rate

The Rosanna bus driver who refused point blank to allow a regular blind passenger and her guide dog to travel on his bus despite longstanding legislation to the contrary.