19th July 2021
Yammer Highlights June 2021
19th July 2021

Roger Brown

DOTW is a lighthearted look at some of the sillier events of the week. Don’t take it too seriously and do pop over to Chit Chat and vote each week. Thanks to those of our members who occasionally ‘feature’ for taking the gentle humour in such good part.

June winners were:

• Aged care minister, Richard Colbeck who, after being nominated last week for his complete ignorance of the vaccine roll-out progress within aged care centres, now finds himself unable to explain why aged care workers are working at multiple sites

• Liberal MP Louise Staley and the Liberal party who this week issued a press release with a list of questions about how the premier, Daniel Andrews, broke his back. “Enough is enough, Daniel Andrews can’t continue to get paid for a job he’s not doing,” Staley, said.

• Home Affairs Minister Karen Andrews who claims that the illness that saw a Tamil child removed from a detention centre for urgent medical treatment was reported inaccurately – for reasons undisclosed.

• Mining magnate and DOTW favourite Clive Palmer who has been bombarding letterboxes urging people not to get a COVID-19 vaccine and citing discredited figures on the number of deaths caused by the jabs.

Thanks to all participants, including those who feature in our supplementary LOSER award!!