DOTW Winners November 2020

Roger Brown


DOTW is a lighthearted look at some of the sillier events of the week. Don’t take it too seriously and do pop over to Chit Chat and vote each week. Thanks to those of our members who occasionally ‘feature’ for taking the gentle humour in such good part.

At long last, Covid 19 was largely absent from our polling this month – our November winners were:

• Former treasurer and US ambassador Joe Hockey who has made the baseless claim that there was “fraud” in the presidential election, citing standard voting statistics as evidence of tampering.

• Scott Morrison, Alan Tudge and Co after the Commonwealth Government agreed to an “on the steps of the court” settlement worth $1.2 billion over its unlawful Robodebt recovery program, which raised automated debts against welfare recipients.

• Prime Minister Scott Morrison who, astonishingly, this week denied personal responsibility for the Robodebt disaster, which has resulted in a $1.2 billion class action settlement.

DOTW will return in February 2021 – let’s hope in better circumstances that 2020. Happy New Year to all our supporters.