Editorial April 2022

From the president (and editor)

David Stonier-Gibson

Zooming into the future

While we still live in the shadow of Covid, there are clear signs we are emerging back into the world. But it will be a different world. Within Melb PC, while I am encouraging personal attendance and, very importantly, socialising at monthly meetings, it is quite clear that Zoom is here with us to stay. So in future we can expect more hybrid meetings and events.

One SIG, Casey, has decided to switch to Zoom only meetings in future. That is motivated by declining attendances as members age and become reluctant to drive very far. Switching to Zoom may encourage those “very mature” members to engage more. I do believe that right here and now social engagement is important for our mental well-being, even if it is via Zoom rather than face to face.

Because of this, and inspired by this, I will see what I can do to make Zoom links to all SIGs that use Zoom available in one convenient place to all club members. As a Melb PC member you are entitled to attend all SIGs.

Reaching out to young and not so young

Moorabbin is seeing some significant action on two fronts. The Coder Dojo initiative has moved to weekly sessions, at 2pm on Saturdays. It is for young people, up to early teens, with programming and related tech activities in a very relaxed, informal setting.

On Wednesdays from about 11am to 3pm we have BeConnected, a program for helping seniors with their “devices” As more and more of everyday life depends on a phone, tablet or even laptop as an access tool, some older people find it challenging. BeConnected seeks to address this. It is open to everyone, not just MelbPC members, and is funded by a $2,500 grant we received from government sources. Just rock up, “device” in hand and ask your questions.