From The Editor August 2021

Hello and welcome to another edition of PC Update.

On the club front our activities have been back online this month. We had an interesting monthly meeting where two speakers, Jacky Barker and Zach Morris discussed their experiences of setting up and working in tool libraries. The tool library or the library of things is an interesting concept that the club is looking to introduce a version of. You’ll be able to borrow any kind of IT related tool (for example a camera drone) for a one-off project or a one-off bit of fun, rather than having to purchase something and maybe only end up using it once. Watch this space, as the concept begins to come to fruition.

On the wider industry front, the big news this month is the fortieth anniversary of the introduction of the IBM PC. Some members have shared their reflections on what their first experiences of it were, and what they’ve thought was the most significant technological introduction of the last twenty years. So look out for that.

Enjoy your reading, and have a good month!