PC Update

From The Editor June 2022

Hugh Macdonald

I’m back and so is PC Update after a one month unscheduled hiatus.

I do apologise about that. I took back the reins from David Stonier-Gibson, thinking I’d be right to produce the May issue, but had some complications with my recovery. By the time this happened it was too late for him to take over again, and by the time I recovered it was altogether too late for the May issue. I’ll try and make it up to you with some extra content in each issue for the rest of the year.

Thank you to all the members that wrote in wishing me well. That really did mean a lot and was very good of you. I am feeling much better now and should hopefully only keep getting better from here on in.

You’ll find some items of interest in this months issue. Cloud storage, how to find stuff on your PC, why phones aren’t waterproof yet and how AI is replacing coders are some of the topics under discussion this month. There’s also most of the usual segments you’ve come to expect.

So enjoy, and see you next month!



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