From The President October 2020

David Stonier-Gibson

There is very little new to report that hasn’t already been reported via all-member emails, namely:

AGM deferred

As Secretary John Swale has already advised, we have decided to defer the AGM until 3rd February because we could not find a satisfactory way of running an AGM online and complying with the statutory requirements for an AGM. This means that this month’s committee meeting will be the last “normal” meeting. After that we enter caretaker mode, and can make no major decisions or policy changes. Rest assured this does not preclude continuing work on the club rooms as soon as the Covid rules allows us access, as the budget already has provision for that.

Transition to G-Suite

I sent out an all-member email a few days ago with an update on the transition. It was also posted on Yammer in the All Company group. One thing that came out of that was that a number of people had reacted negatively to a very important notice about their email being redirected to [email protected]. It is essential that you do not attempt to reverse that redirect setting, lest you lose emails.

On a brighter note, we have had 3 or 4 people come forward and offer to assist with member support. That could make a significant difference, as quite a few members need that little bit of hand-holding to make the change smoothly.