Interesting Internet Finds

Steve Costello


While going through more than 300 RSS feeds, I often encounter things I think might interest other user group members. The following are some items I found interesting during May 2022.


Amazon Dropping MOBI Support On Send To Kindle Apps

Kindle users do not panic! MOBI files on your Kindle will still be readable. All this means is that you will no longer be able to use ‘send to Kindle’ apps to send MOBI files to your Kindle.


I Lost My Phone With My Second Factor For Authentication. How Do I Recover?

I know some people are hesitant to use two factor authentication for this reason. Leo explains how he would recover from that scenario. (Note: I use 2FA everywhere I can, and have not had a problem. The key is to think about how to handle this and prepare for it before it ever happens.


 Android Cellular Data Not Working? 8 Ways To Fix

It is not a question of if, but when your android cellular data will stop working. When it does, refer to this post for cures most likely to work. (Note: I lose my android cellular data at least once a month for some reason but usually get it back in minutes using one of these fixes.)


Is It Dangerous To Use Free Stock Photo Websites?

This is an interesting article for the editors and bloggers that use photos from stock photo websites. Just because it is free from a stock photo website does not mean it is safe to use. Check out the advice in this post before using just any stock photo website photo.



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