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Steve Costello, SEFCUG

Gmail’s New Quick Settings




If you use Gmail, you should know how to use its quick settings feature. Cyn Mackley explains the quick settings in the three blog posts above.


Mind The Metadata


Did you know that your digital photos contain a lot of data that you don’t want to be available when you share them? Do you know how to remove that data, before sharing the photos? Check out this post to learn about that data, and how to prevent it from getting away from your control.


How Live View Makes Google Maps More Accurate.


I use Google Maps frequently when traveling. I have noticed that sometimes it doesn’t correctly show where I am. Thanks to this post from Geeks On Tour, I now know how to calibrate the compass for better accuracy.


My Shift Key is Stuck. How Do I Unstick It?


Little things like this drive me crazy, but they are usually easy to fix if I can just keep my head and thinks about what might be causing the problem. Leo explains the most common cause and the fix for sticking keys in this post.


How To Fix My Display Name In A Zoom Meeting Or Chat?


With all the Zoom meetings these days, it is very useful to be able to change your display name. Dave Taylor explains how to do this and how to make the display name more relevant to your role in the meeting.


The Dark Side Of Amazon Returns


In this post, Bob Rankin explains what can happen to Amazon return items. Also, he gives some advice about liquidation reselling. I have had no experience with liquidation reselling myself.



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