Remember, Apple AirTags and ‘Find My’ app only work because of a vast, largely covert tracking network
20th May 2021
DOTW Winners April 2021
20th May 2021

Steve Costello

What Is Archive In Gmail And How To Archive And Unarchive Emails

Do you know what archiving in Gmail is? If so, do you know why and how to use it? The answers to these questions are in this post.

How To Clear Cache On Android (And When You Should)

Do you use an Android? If the answer is yes, you need to read and follow what this post says.

What Is A USB Security Key, And Should You Use One?

I read this post and think it is overkill for my needs. But, if you use your laptop for business, have a lot of confidential information on your laptop when you travel, this post explains how you can benefit from a USB security key and what the disadvantages are.

How To Log Out Of Facebook On Any Devices You’re Logged Into

Have you signed in to Facebook on different devices? If so, you need to periodically follow the directions in this post to be sure you are logged out of any devices you don’t need to be logged in on.

It’s Unsubscribe Season! Clean That Inbox

I followed the advice in this post and now have a much cleaner inbox.

How to Buy a Laptop for Linux

This post from HowToGeek explains why you shouldn’t just buy a Windows laptop and then install Linux on it. Instead, it explains the advantages of buying a laptop designed for Linux from the start, with links to some Linux you can buy now.


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