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19th June 2021
Why Darwin Survived
19th July 2021

Steve Costello

The Two Types Of Cloud Data Threats And How You Protect Yourself


Leo Notenboom explains the two types of threats for having your data in the cloud and suggestions for protecting yourself from them. (Note: I have been using the cloud for years without any problems, but I only keep data that is recent and encrypted.)

How To Use Linux Live CD To Back Up Data From Windows PC


If you use a Windows PC it is a matter of when not if you will have a problem being unable to access the PC. This article explains how to use a Linux Live CD to perform a rescue of your data.

Change Your Secret Router Password


Something most people overlook for security is changing the router password. Cyn explains how to change this password, though the specifics vary depending upon the specific router.

Does Your IP Address Expose Your Home Address?


I have heard this question asked at many user group meetings. This post from Bob Rankin gives the best answers I have seen so far.

What Linux Is And Why It Has Persisted?


This article is from the free edition of the AskWoody newsletter. The article provides information about what Linux is and why it is still around and used. (Note: I subscribe to the paid edition, which contains mostly Windows-related articles.)

Why You Should Delete Emails Instead Of Archiving Them


This is something I have not thought about until reading this. I have been using Gmail since 2005, so have many emails that are no longer necessary to have, and am working to clean them out to increase my storage capacity. I was surprised to have so much unnecessary stuff saved.

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