Interesting Internet Finds April 2021

Steve Costello

Proxy Vs. VPN: When To Use A Proxy Server And When To Use A VPN?

Have you heard about Proxies and VPNs. Do you know the differences, or when you should use which and why? Check out this post to learn more.


How To Configure Your Mouse For Comfort

With all the online classes and conferences, more and more people are using their mice for longer periods. If you don’t already know how to make your mouse use comfortable, check out this post, and follow the advice.


7 Zoom Tests To Perform Before Your Next Meeting

I have been doing a lot of Zoom meetings, and there have been times things just didn’t go right. Now, after reading this I check these things out at least a half-hour before the meeting starts.


I’m Tired of Windows, So What Next?

Bob Rankin explains some options for you if you are tired of putting up with Microsoft Windows.


Less Common Reasons Your Computer May Slow Down

Most of us know the common reasons our computers slow down. Leo Notenboom covers some of the more uncommon reasons in this post.


How To Check If Your Android Smartphone Has RCS

If you have been hearing about RCS, and wonder if it is available for you on your Android, check out this post from HowToGeek.


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