Presidential Musings April 2021

David Stonier-Gibson

Internet lounge equipment

As part of our refurbishing and de-cluttering the club rooms, we have moved all the Internet Lounge equipment into temporary storage. If you use any of the stuff there, please email me and let me know what you’d like retained (if you have not already done so). Please use this email link and subject line. Anything that’s no longer in demand will be disposed of in a couple of weeks.

Demise of a SIG

I am sad to have to report that the Bayside SIG has been wound up. The church hall they were using was altered to the point where it no longer suited, and the conveners felt it a suitable time to step down. Thank you to Peter Carpenter and crew for your effort over the years.

Daytime monthly meetings

I have been mulling over the idea of daytime monthly meetings for quite some time. Covid pushed it to the back burner for a year! The thought behind it is that the more “senior” members may not want to come out at night, but would enjoy social get-togethers during daylight. I’m thinking something less structured, more social than the traditional night time monthly meetings, more along the lines of quizzes and entertaining videos. The whole idea is to get people enjoying each others’ company and having a bit of lighthearted fun. If you have any comments or suggestions about this, just email me using using this email link and subject line.

WOW! projects

We are working to tart up the club rooms, and convert them from “nineties boring office” to “2020’s exciting techno”. The way I put it is that when someone comes into Moorabbin for the first time they should go “WOW!” and want to be part of it. To get to that we need lots of high visibility cool tech. We have made a start by hanging a long string of colour LEDs around the lounge, which will eventually be programmed for a range of cool lighting effects. However I am sure many members have the ability to create cool stuff. So if you have any ideas for gizmos you or a group of you could make, be it Jacob’s Ladders or levitating globes, video games or interactive science displays, let me know. Any projects that are deemed suitable and have the right “WOW!” I will propose to the committee to finance the materials.