22nd August 2019

Time Machine: Sharp Actius A150 Ultra Light Notebook

John Oswald Every month we delve into the PC Update archive to take a look at what computing was like in the past…this month, a laptop […]
26th August 2019

Planning To Plan

David Stonier-Gibson The club’s Annual General Meeting will take place on 6th November. That is when we elect a new committee for the coming year. I […]
26th August 2019

Book Review: Humble Pi

Tim McQueen Programmers, mathematicians, engineers and statisticians should all enjoy Humble Pi (a comedy of maths errors). Matt Parker is Australian and currently Engagement in Mathematics […]
29th August 2019

The Future of PC Update Publishing

Hugh Macdonald Over the years PC Update has been produced using many different software packages. These have included Corel Ventura, QuarkXPress, and Microsoft Word. For about […]
29th August 2019

How Australia can make AI work for our economy, and for our people

Anthony Elliott, University of South Australia The idea of robots taking our jobs is not radically new. But artificial intelligence (AI) is now completely reorganising the […]
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