Using Google

A little bit of frivolity. Did you know that Google Search has a few extras built in? Well, a lot of extras but we will just look at a few.
Open a Google search page on your computer and type in Solitaire and you get this – as well as the normal search results. A free game of Solitaire that runs in situ.

Then click on the little down arrow head at the bottom and we find a few more games. Animal Sounds, Minesweeper, Spin a Driel, Fun Facts, Snake, Tic Tac Toe, Pac Man, Earth Day Qiz and Memory Game

Then we get a little more serious, but not much, and click on Tools

Flip a Coin, Spinner, Metronome, Meditate, Colour Picker, Calculator, Roll a Die and Tuner.

The calculator is a full function app

There is a way more that you can do in Google Search, but that is a subject for another day. As an example open search and type in Speed Test <- with the space and get a speed test app that is not Oookla.