PC Update


Barry Horn

They’re calling a meeting and said I should go

but I’m stuck at home, there’s a virus you know.

They said not to worry, we’re going to Zoom,

it will all be on-line, you can stay in your room.


It was all new to me and I’m sad to relate

I mucked up the passcode and joined them all late.

Then I could see them and they couldn’t see me,

I had no idea where that button should be!


It was just bad luck that my phone chose to ring,

it gave me a fright and I dropped the damn thing!

I felt like a coot when the sound went all mute,

they tried to explain, but it wouldn’t compute.


By then I had something important to say,

but the time had run out and they’d all gone away.

I promised that next time I’d have it all righted.

They said not to bother, I’d not be invited.



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