10th August 2020

From The President August 2020

David Stonier-Gibson Let me start by apologising for not doing a report last month (how many noticed?). I have been very preoccupied designing, making and programming […]
12th July 2020

Making Over the Training Room

You probably haven’t been to the club in a while(thanks for everything, COVID), so your recollection of the training room might be outdated. The room was […]
12th July 2020

We developed tools to study cancer in Tasmanian devils. They could help fight disease in humans

Andrew S. Flies, University of Tasmania; Amanda L. Patchett, University of Tasmania; Bruce Lyons, University of Tasmania, and Greg Woods, University of Tasmania Emerging infectious diseases, […]
12th July 2020

Editorial July 2020

Hugh Macdonald Hello and welcome to the (more than a little bit overdue) July 2020 edition of PC Update. Like a fine Scotch whisky, I’ve left […]
12th July 2020

Monthly Meeting July 2020

The July 2020 Monthly Meeting was held online on Wednesday 1st July 2020, with over 100 members in attendance. This was the program for the evening: […]
12th July 2020

How Australian supercomputers crunched the numbers to guide our bushfire and pandemic response

NCI Australia, Author provided Sean Smith, Australian National University and Mark Stickells, CSIRO As 2020 began, Australia was stunned by the worst bushfires on record. Six […]
12th July 2020

2.5 billion dollars lost over a decade as Nigerian princes lose their sheen but scams are on the rise

Cassandra Cross, Queensland University of Technology Last year, Australians reported more than A$634 million lost to fraud, a significant jump from $489.7 million the year before. […]
12th July 2020

Book Review

Tim McQueen Radio Girl David Dufty Allen & Unwin 302 Pages There is a great deal of similarity between the early days of radio here in […]
12th July 2020

Images of Melbourne PC User Group

George Skarbek Photo: ‘Social Interaction before lockdown’ by George Skarbek Photo: ‘Social interaction after lockdown’ by George Skarbek From left to right the Melb PC members […]