Club News February 2020

Hugh Macdonald

Training Room

The revamp of the training room began in July 2019 when all members were invited to a meeting to discuss the future use of the room.

Based on discussions held at the meeting, it was decided that a number of changes would be made to the room. These were firstly the removal of electrical cabling and data cabling from the wall that is adjacent to the atrium, and secondly, the partial removal of the wall to expose the windows behind it, and thirdly, the relocation of the training room computers to the Borrett Room.

Committee approval was received for pendant style electrical and data cabling to be installed in the room to replace the cabling that was lost from the exposed wall. Commitee approval was also received for the wall to be exposed.

Work began on the room in December 2019 with the installation of the pendant style cabling and continued in January 2020 with the partial removal of the wall which has exposed the windows to the atrium behind it.

Work is set to continue on the revamp of this room, with the manufacture and setup of desks that will be much more conducive to electrical and mechanical work on microcontrollers and other maker parts that members may wish to produce.

If you haven’t visited the club lately, make sure you check out the room next time you visit.

Coder Dojo

Coder Dojo is a new initiative at the club.

It’s a worldwide initiative to create spaces for people aged seven to seventeen to engage in their passion for programming, microcontrollers, robotics and web design.

The club has recently launched the South East Melbourne Coder Dojo and the first session took place on Saturday, February 1 2020.

If you’ve got a ninja at home (someone aged seven to seventeen) who might be interested in taking part, then please head to to register.