DOTW Winners April 2020

Roger Brown

DOTW (whatever that stands for) our weekly Yammer poll and light-hearted review of the sillier events of the week, continues – social isolation rules notwithstanding. Thanks to those who vote and also to the odd member who might “feature” – all in fun of course.

And perhaps we should all thank George Pell for giving us at least ONE non-Covid 19 prizewinner!!

Last month’s “winners” were:

Andrew Bolt who advised his readers we could all be back at work in two weeks if we’re just pragmatic. “They should quarantine just the potentially infectious and isolate the vulnerable – the frail and people over 65.”

Celebrity chef Pete Evans for promoting a $24,000 “light machine” that he says offers “thousands of recipes” and can treat the “Wuhan coronavirus”.

George Pell, who after his very fortunate acquittal, following which he should have quietly retired, has continued to seek the limelight with a public interview with Andrew Bolt, of all people.

The Beaumaris woman who believed herself to be exempt from social distancing requirements to the extent that she hosted a front yard children’s birthday party involving a dozen parents and their children.