Yammer Highlights August 2020
31st August 2020
Northern Suburbs Linux SIG Report July 2020
31st August 2020

Roger Brown

DOTW is a lighthearted look at some of the sillier events of the week. Don’t take it too seriously and do pop over to Chit Chat and vote each week. Thanks to those of our members who occasionally ‘feature’ for taking the gentle humour in such good part.

Again DOTW was dominated by one inevitable topic although for one week we decided to ignore the virus entirely and concentrate on members’ jokes instead. We hope some smiles resulted amid the COVID gloom.

So our August “winners” were

• The one in four people who have tested positive for COVID-19 who were not found to be at home when doorknocked by authorities.

• Dozens of Victorian state politicians who defied Melbourne’s strict stage four COVID-19 lockdown and the advice of health authorities on Tuesday to gather at Parliament House for several hours of debate

• Russell Cooper for the best entry in our bad jokes edition. Many thanks to Russell and everyone else who contributed to lightening the mood of the week.

• The Victorian Government for the rampant maladministration revealed thus far by the enquiry into hotel quarantine

• The Queensland truck driver who saw fit to stage the stunt showing his vehicle being driven with no one in the driver’s seat!