April 2020 Monthly Meeting
30th March 2020
East SIG Report
31st March 2020

Hugh Macdonald

Hello and welcome to the April 2020 edition of PC Update. The whole world has changed since I last wrote an editorial in this magazine.

Although there are enough mentions of coronavirus (COVID-19) in this issue, my aim when putting it together was to give you enough tips, tricks and reviews to keep you occupied in these times when we’re all largely confined to our homes.

The club is doing its best to transition to the new reality that we live in. Tomorrow night will be our first ever all online monthly meeting, and as David Stonier-Gibson mentioned in his report, the committee is now meeting through video conferencing and Coder Dojo is now running this way too. Hopefully by next month we’ll have reports of SIGs meeting via web conferencing too.

In the meantime enjoy items such as a few book reviews from Tim McQueen, a review of Linux Mint 19.3 (a good upgrade path from Windows 7 if Windows 10 doesn’t appeal to you), some interesting Internet finds that will give you things to read and do throughout the month and all the usual items such as the East SIG report, DOTW and Yammer highlights.

Speaking of Yammer, I’ve included an article on how to login to it this month. In this time of social isolation, it’s a great time to join the friendly Melbourne PC User Group community on Yammer, so please check that out, and seriously consider logging in.

Stay safe everyone, and I’ll catch you next month.