Editorial May 2020

Hugh Macdonald

Welcome to the May 2020 edition of PC Update.

Although it has been a month since I last wrote to you in this capacity, it feels more like seven years.

Once again, this month features a mix of articles that I hope will keep you entertained and informed during this difficult time. There are operating system and software reviews, tips and tricks for your computer and your home network, and a couple of newsworthy items. Also, there is the usual fun of the DOTW winners and highlights of some of the goings-on of Yammer, our internal social network.

In From The President, David Stonier-Gibson extolls the benefits of Yammer, but let me add that although I’ve been a user since I joined the club, I’ve also found much more comfort in it in recent times. So if you’ve never checked it out, it is a great time to do so. If you’re unsure how to, then refer back to last month’s PC Update where I provided a step by step guide to logging in and finding some interesting groups.

Also to amplify another point of David’s, if you find that the SIG you always wanted to attend but never did because it was located on the other side of town is meeting through video conferencing, make the most of the opportunity and attend. Also if you don’t attend the monthly meeting regularly, make the most of its online format and check it out. This month features a range of interesting presenters, and should be a very good discussion.

That’s all from me, until next month. Keep safe and well.