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Editorial October 2019

Hugh Macdonald

Welcome to the October 2019 edition of PC Update. Firstly thank you to everyone who has provided feedback on last month’s issue. On the whole it’s been very positive. You’ll notice some further changes to the PDF version of PC Update this month, and I hope to introduce some further improvements to the online edition of PC Update next month. Please continue to provide feedback via Yammer or email – anything constructive is greatly appreciated.

My aim as editor is to create a publication that every member of Melbourne PC User Group can benefit from. So if you have information or an article that you think other members might benefit from, then please send it in. For example, this month I received a couple of useful Windows tips from Graham Swanston (thanks Graham!) and so I’ve created a section called Member Tips and Tricks. Hopefully members will find this useful, and will send in more tips and tricks that they’ve discovered. They can be for Android, iOS, Linux or Mac OS too. – all operating systems are equally welcome.

Likewise if you have any ideas for the type of article you’d like to see, but don’t have the inclination to write it yourself, please let me know your thoughts. I’m more than happy to write some more articles myself, or find other ways to accommodate your needs.

Enjoy this month’s issue. There are interesting articles, columns, book reviews and SIG reports to be perused.

Australian Synchotron Open Day

The light created at the Australian Synchrotron is about a million times brighter than the sun. This brilliant light can be used to assemble tiny machines that would fit into the eye of a needle, improve cancer detection, and develop new drugs to fight malaria.

On Sunday 20 October 2019 you will have a rare chance to go behind the scenes of this state-of-the-art facility and experience these scientific wonders first-hand.

Please book into the introductory 30-minute presentation and allow one hour for the self-guided Synchrotron tour. In this time you will have the chance to:

  • Learn how the Synchrotron works and the amazing research it enables.
  • Talk to our scientists stationed at each of the Synchrotron nine beamlines
  • Unwind in our cafe and picnic areas, where you can listen to live interviews with ANSTO scientists while children enjoy one of our exciting science workshops and hands-on activities

There will be plenty of photo opportunities and regular giveaways too!

Entry to the Synchrotron Open Day is free including an introductory presentation and self-guided tour.

Sun 20 Oct at 9.00am – Sun 20 Oct at 5.00pm
Free entry
Venue Australian Synchrotron
800 Blackburn Road
Clayton, VIC 3168



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