February Monthly Meeting

The December Monthly Meeting will be held Wednesday February 5 at 7pm.

Guest Speaker: Dr Alasdair McAndrew

Our guest speaker is Dr Alasdair McAndrew. His topic is “Modelling complexity with very simple rules”.  This brief talk will demonstrate how to start with a few letters, apply some simple rules repeatedly, to produce graphics of stunning complexity.  The talk will display a few examples and applications such as modelling plant growth and generating fractals.  No coding or mathematical knowledge will be assumed.  If you have ever marvelled at the complexity of the branches of a tree, or the stars in the night sky, then you will have all the prior knowledge required!

Associate Professor Alasdair McAndrew is the Director of Learning & Teaching in the College of Engineering and Science at Victoria University; and a mathematics educator (and occasional mathematician) with a particular interest in mathematics technology.

In-house Speaker: Lynette Hammet

Our member speaker is Lynnette Hammet, who will be describing her experiences with a particular brand of “device” (Phone, tablet, etc).

Meeting Agenda

7.00pm sharp: Meeting opens. MC is Peter Bacon

Guest speaker: Dr Alasdair McAndrew

President’s Report: David Stonier-Gibson

Social break

Q and A with George Skarbek

In-house speaker: Lynette Hammet

What’s New? with George Skarbek

9.30pm: Close

Please remember your membership card or a photo of your QR code on your phone

The meeting is streamed live online at https://tv.melbpc.org.au

Don’t forget, directly after the meeting WAFFLE SIG at Fong’s Chinese restaurant in Bentleigh. This is a totally social gathering where you can enjoy a snack, a full meal or just a cup of coffee. Sketch maps at the meeting or use Google Maps