Why wearable fitness trackers aren’t as useless as some make them out to be
29th December 2021
East SIG Report November 2021
24th February 2022

Hugh Macdonald

Hello and welcome to the final edition of PC Update for 2021!

And what another strange year it was. It started with some promise but ended up being another trying one. Hopefully along the way, whatever the situation has been, PC Update has kept you informed and entertained.

This month we feature some reading to help you get through the Summer:

There’s a guide on installing Linux, if you’re a Windows user and have ever wondered about giving it a go.

There are some potential solutions to common PC problems.

There’s a look back at the ways in which big tech companies have fallen afoul of governments in 2021

There’s also an analysis of fitness trackers which suggests they may be more useful than they seem to be,

There’s a behind the scenes look at how PC Update is published.

There’s also some of the usual items – Interesting Internet Finds and Yammer Highlights.

Before I close for 2021 I’d like to thank all my fellow members who have played a role throughout 2021 in bringing PC Update together. In no particular order there’s been Harry Lewis, Tim McQueen, Paul Woolard, Roger Brown, Dennis Parsons, Malcolm Miles, Kevin Martin, George Wright and David Stonier-Gibson.

PC Update will return in February 2022. Take care until then.