26th December 2021

Getting To Know The Committee for 2021/22

At the November 2021 annual general meeting of Melbourne PC User Group the committee of management was up for reelection. Due to the fact that only […]
26th December 2021

Yammer Highlights November 2021

Dennis Parsons Computer Help Smart phones can be confusing for everyone at times and doubly so when you’re on the other end of a phone call […]
27th December 2021

How To Install Linux

Hugh Macdonald Every few months in PC Update, reviews of different Linux distributions are featured, and other aspects of the operating system are discussed as well. […]
27th December 2021

Behind The Scenes At PC Update

Hugh Macdonald I began as PC Update editor back in September 2019 and with my permanent step into the role, there were a lot of changes […]
27th December 2021

Interesting Internet Finds

Steve Costello A Quick Way To “Clear Your Web Browsing History And Data” … https://technewsforyou.com/2021/03/01/a-quick-way-to-clear-your-web-browsing-history-and-data/ I can’t believe I did not know this before. This shortcut […]
28th December 2021

Most Common Issues that Need Repair from a PC or Mac Repair Shop Perspective

Dan Douglas, President, Space Coast PCUG This month I am updating the presentation highlights from the session I gave at the APCUG virtual Technology Conference held […]
29th December 2021

Monthly Meeting December 2021

The November 2021 Monthly Meeting was held online on Wednesday 1st December 2021, with about 70 members in attendance via Zoom and a few in attendance […]
29th December 2021

How 2021 was the year governments really started to wise up against big tech

David Tuffley, Griffith University After all the bad press tech companies have received, would anyone still be surprised to learn the outwardly smiling face of social […]
29th December 2021

Why wearable fitness trackers aren’t as useless as some make them out to be

Ben Singh, University of South Australia and Carol Maher, University of South Australia Wearable fitness trackers will be on many Christmas shopping lists this year, with […]