Editorial July 2021
23rd July 2021
A Life Changing Monthly Meeting
24th July 2021

David Stonier-Gibson

Moorabbin renovations: Can you help?

The process of upgrading and reconfiguring Moorabbin has been continuing, even during Covid. A small band of volunteers have worked on the Maker Room (was Training Room) and Lounge areas. The Borrett room is still a bit of a shambles, but we will be working through that, redeploying some of the decommissioned items from the lounge, and replacing others with more modern alternatives.

This will tie in with an idea we are developing for an equipment library. I initially labelled that “tool library” until I realised it can and should cover much more than tools. This is still very much a work in progress, and there is a lot to be done. Initial acquisitions are a camera drone from the Video SIG, a high spec electronic microscope, and a multimeter donated by a member. There will be a lot more when we have developed a policy and procedural framework.

In terms of upgrading our spaces at Moorabbin, the downstairs workshop is now in our sights. The club owns some nice workshop equipment down there, but the space needs to be organised and made into a more pleasant and safe environment. So, if you are able and willing to contribute with a paint brush or screwdriver, electrical work or some muscle, we’d like to know. Please, initially, contact Malin in the office on 9276 4000 or office@melbpc.org.au to register your interest in pitching in, and let her know the skills you can contribute. Nothing is likely to happen immediately, but a good first step is to know who is available to bring this about. It goes without saying that safety and access protocols are front of mind with this.