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How to use the iHelp website

Leighton West

The iHelp website can be found at http://www.melbpc.org.au/ihelp

Intro & Search

Many Members are unaware of the free facilities available to them from our iHelp pages at www.melbpc.org.au. Just click on the Top Menu item called iHelp. A Search Menu is then provided to help you find anything on our site.


Fundamentally the pages are there to help you sort out technical problems and catalogue all the resources available within the Club including iHelp, Meetings,. Workshops, Library, Contacts, SIG’s, Yammer and PC Update. If you have a technical problem you can lodge a Support Request or ask our team live from the Chat Pop-Up in the top RH corner.


The iHelp section includes a Q&A section with answers to typical problems and a Common Settings page to help with configuring your system.

Club Facilities

For those of you who have never visited Moorabbin, there is a Club Facilities page which shows several short videos of various activities on the premises.

Internet Lounge

The Internet Lounge is a resource available to all Members, where you can try before you buy, use our video scanning facilities or burn a disk using our Broadband connection. A listing of the software you can trial is also listed on the Club Facilities page.

Monthly Meetings

For completeness the site provides Menu items that link to our Live Monthly Meeting Online, or to the Archives that contain videos of past meetings. Even Members who never get to Moorabbin can enjoy the membership benefits of the clubs technical sessions from home. Questions can be left online to be answered at the next Meeting.


For convenience we have a menu item for PC Update On Line where you can download or just read current and past monthly magazines. This makes iHelp a One-Stop-Shop for any Club matters, apart from Office-Administrative issues.

Web Links

Lastly a Web Links page chronicles many recommended sites on the web which may interest you, or provide Support with Hardware or Software issues. If you have a personal website resource which you would like to share with others, this can also be listed on the Web Links page for others to see.


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