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27th December 2021
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28th December 2021

Steve Costello

A Quick Way To “Clear Your Web Browsing History And Data” …

I can’t believe I did not know this before. This shortcut is easy to use. I will be clearing my browsing history and data more frequently from now on.

What Does About:Blank Mean (And Why Does It Matter)?

I use “about:blank” as my home page in all my browsers, and I recommend you do too. This post explains what “about:blank” means and why it matters.

Here’s How You Can Host Your Own VPN For Less Than $1 A Month

This post is for the more advanced users. I use a paid VPN whenever I am out and about using Wi-Fi. However, if running a business, I would probably host my own. Using the VPNs that I pay for is just more convenient for me at this time.

How To Use Calibre For Kindle – Step By Step Guide

I have heard from more and more friends that they are now using a Kindle. The common question I get is how to easily manage their ebooks. I answer that they should use Calibre to manage their ebooks. This post provides a good how-to for Calibre. I use Calibre to manage my ebooks on all me e-reader devices, as it can easily convert (non DRM) files. I read on my phone, tablet, and computer.

How To Send Google Photos In Email

Do you still download photos to your PC to send via email? It is no longer necessary. This post explains how to send a photo directly from your phone via email.

How To Enable Or Disable Fn Key In Any Laptop?

I have heard from some that they don’t like having to use two keys to get a function key to work. I prefer it that way myself, as I use the top row number keys like on a typewriter. For those that would like to enable using the function keys without having to press the Fn key at the same time, this post provides two options.

How To Delete Your Old Online Accounts (And Why You Should)

I go through my online accounts quarterly and delete any that are no longer active or that I feel are no longer relevant. This post explains how and why you should do the same. Note: I go through my online subscriptions quarterly and unsubscribe when one is no longer relevant or ends up being too much.


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