Member Fiction: Thinking Machines
28th November 2021
East SIG Report October 2021
28th November 2021

George Wright

When deleting emails over six years of age you recognise you don’t trust anybody.

When deleting emails under three days old you recognise you need get some new friends.

When emailing yourself, you can’t believe a word they say.

If a2 +b2=c2, y can’t ab square and ub 2? If uc this u qualify.

You give your computer an enema when the hard disk is full.

After eating burnt toast for breakfast you decide to remove the cable linking the toaster to computer.

You like android and you’d like to mince and stew all apples.

You know that all things come to those who wait and you’re still waiting, waiting, waiting.

If you interlink with your wife’s network, does this make Netherlands and does it all look Dutch?