Monthly Meeting May 2021

The May 2021 Monthly Meeting was held in person and online on Wednesday 5th May 2021, with over 20 members in attendance at Moorabbin and over 70 members in attendance via Zoom. This was the program for the evening:

Guest Speakers: Adrianne Fleming and Chris Hodges

Topic: Australian Air League

Adrianne is Australian Air League Victorian Executive Commissioner and an aviation training specialist with over 30 years’ experience in the aviation industry. As a flight examiner, aviation educator and business owner, she is one of only 4% of female professional pilots in Australia. Adrianne and her husband founded Tristar Aviation which is now the oldest single ownership flight training school on Moorabbin Airport.
Her volunteer work earned her an Order of Australia Medal in 2016 for Service to the Aviation Industry. She has extensive professional relationships with the industry throughout Australia and India.

Chris is an Australian Air League volunteer and developer of FlySima tech-head who has been developing something, inventing something or turning something into commercial realty for as long as he can remember. Chris believes that business success is based on: Quality, ethics, looking after the customer, the staff and the shareholders.

Meeting Agenda

7pm: Meeting commences with host Peter Bacon

Guest speakers:  Adrianne Fleming and Chris Hodges from the Australian Air League,

Q & A: George Skarbek with Adrianne Fleming and Chris Hodges.

Interval: Winch launching at Mount Beauty (video by George Skarbek). The flight simulator will also be available for use.

Fireside Chat: Stephen Zuluaga and Aavon Fernando on ‘How technology has influenced manufacturing’

Presidents Report: David Stonier-Gibson

iHelp Online with Mike Allison

9.30pm: Meeting close. iHelp Online will continue informally afterwards.

If you missed out the first time and would like to view any of these presentations, you can do so at

The username is videos and the password is drum286.