Online stumble-ons

David Stonier-Gibson

Just a few of the interesting things I stumbled on this month …

Progress in 3D printed homes. An article in The Conversation

Artificial intelligence: Have we already passed human level IQ? An article in The Conversation

Wolfram Alpha is an online tool for solving maths problems. ChatGPT is a language based AI chatbot, a very different kinds of beast. What happens if the two somehow join forces?  CHATGPT + WOLFRAM – THE FUTURE OF AI!

The IBM PC 5150 – the world’s most influential computer

The Forgotten Story of Kartrak: The First Barcode

The Secret Auction That Set Off the Race for AI Supremacy. I only learned recently that the type of AI we are now seeing only because practical in 2012.

Then right here in our club, two presentations from the Microcontroller group.

Member Clive Maynard, co-author of The Art of LISP Programming gave us a bit of an overview of what the LISP language is all about.

David Stonier-Gibson (that’s me!) wants to build a (very simple!) neural network from scratch in an $8 microcontroller and have it sort Smarties by colour. I am only at the start of this quest, but nevertheless shared what I had learned in the previous three weeks while in New Zealand.