29th February 2020

Try one of these bootable PC rescue media

Dick Maybach, Member, Brookdale Computer User Group, NJ Modern personal computers are complex assemblies of hardware and software. A problem in a single component can disable […]
29th February 2020

Curious Kids: why do we have a QWERTY keyboard instead of putting the letters in alphabetical order?

Geoff Cumming, La Trobe University Many other key arrangements have been tried. Some are claimed to be easier to learn or faster to use than QWERTY. […]
1st March 2020

I made bushfire maps from satellite data, and found a glaring gap in the preparedness of Australia

Wallace Boone Law, University of Adelaide On the night of January 9 2020, my wife and I secured our Kangaroo Island home and anxiously monitored the […]
2nd March 2020

High-tech shortages loom as coronavirus shutdowns hit manufacturers

John L Hopkins, Swinburne University of Technology There are now more than 45,000 confirmed cases of the coronavirus dubbed COVID-19 by the World Health Organization (at […]
2nd March 2020

Settings – What happened to Control Panel?

Phil Sorrentino, Contributing Writer, The Computer Club, Florida Way back in the days of Windows 7, the Control Panel was the way we adjusted the operation […]
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