30th March 2020

April 2020 Monthly Meeting

The Monthly Meeting will be held Wednesday, April 1 at 7 pm via streaming. Guest Speakers: Dr Anton Hassell Topic: The arcane art of making science-based […]
2nd March 2020

From The President March 2020

David Stonier-Gibson President’s special raffle At the monthly meeting this week, everyone who registers with their membership card and wears a name tag (your card or […]
2nd March 2020

Northern Suburbs Linux SIG Report February 2020

David Hatton The evening started with Nick Vespo’s traditional wide ranging Linux News.   Nick played a selection from the CES2020 keynote address by Ginni Rometty, […]
2nd March 2020

Club News March 2020

Hugh Macdonald Coder Dojo Our South East Melbourne Coder Dojo has been going now for three sessions and is establishing itself well with regular attendees coming […]
1st March 2020

March 2020 Monthly Meeting

The Monthly Meeting will be held Wednesday March 4 at 7pm. Guest Speakers: Dr Ken Harvey and Mal Vickers Topic: Data Scraping and Snake Oil Why […]
1st March 2020

Editorial March 2020

Hugh Macdonald Hello and welcome to the March 2020 edition of PC Update. I hope you enjoy the mix of articles on computer related advice and […]
1st March 2020

DOTW Winners February 2020

Roger Brown DOTW (whatever that stands for) our weekly Yammer poll and light hearted review of the sillier events of the week, has returned for 2020. […]
1st March 2020

Yammer Highlights February 2020

Dennis Parsons Computer Help   The following is a fantastic example of what Melb PC is all about – members helping each other solve problems, computer […]
1st March 2020

East SIG Report February 2020

Neil Muller The February meeting opened with George Skarbek conducting his usual Q&A segment. Q: I’ve lost the Google Play icon on my Android phone. Is […]