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Your Favourite Browser Extensions

Hugh Macdonald For me, my web browser is easily my most frequently and most extensively used application across the various computers I operate. For the last few years I’ve been using Mozilla Firefox as my primary web browser, as it… Continue Reading…

PC Update

Five projects for Raspberry Pi at home

Ben Nuttall The Raspberry Pi computer can be used in all kinds of settings and for a variety of purposes. It obviously has a place in education for helping students with learning programming and maker skills in the classroom and the hackspace,… Continue Reading…

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Digging your own digital grave: how should you manage the data you leave behind?

Patrick Scolyer-Gray, Deakin University; Arash Shaghaghi, Deakin University, and Debi Ashenden, Deakin University Throughout our lifetimes we consume, collate, curate, host and produce a staggering quantity of data – some by our own hand, some by others on our behalf,… Continue Reading…

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Coronavirus misinformation is a global issue, but which myth you fall for likely depends on where you live

Jason Weismueller, University of Western Australia; Jacob Shapiro, Princeton University; Jan Oledan, Princeton University, and Paul Harrigan, University of Western Australia In February, major social media platforms attended a meeting hosted by the World Health Organisation to address coronavirus misinformation.… Continue Reading…

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Interesting Internet Finds

Steve Costello, Boca Raton Computer Society In the course of going through the more than 300 RSS feeds, I often run across things that I think might be of interest to other user group members. The following are some items… Continue Reading…

PC Update

Hybrid meetings after COVID?

David Stonier-Gibson If you have skills in video, sound engineering, electronics, streaming, maybe even Raspberry Pi, or related areas, this is very much for you. Nobody knows when this COVID thing will totally go away. I hope we can revert… Continue Reading…

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