Yammer Highlights October 2020

Dennis Parsons



We had a couple of interesting threads this month concerning phones and plans that ranged far and wide but proved very useful to both the users asking the questions and the other participants. As is our wont on Yammer we often wander well off topic but this frequently takes us to interesting places.


I asked about options for a cheap phone plan for a friend who was coming out of contract on her current phone. She wanted unlimited calls, only a small amount of data (3-5GB would do) and wasn’t particularly fussed about which network it used. I’d been doing my own research but it’s always good to seek other opinions when there are so many options to pick from.


Along the way Merv was bagging out a certain phone network for having a very slow data connection, suggesting it be steered clear of. He’d been trying to improve matters for some time, to the extent of taking the phone into the network shop and complaining there but having no luck. Turns out there was a very good reason for the poor speed – the phone isn’t actually 4G capable! We did make some suggestions of cheap options but Merv managed to bag a hand-me-down from a family member that would do the job.





This led onto Bill asking a supplementary question about a replacement for his trusty but ageing S5 along with a cheaper plan to go with the new phone – he was paying for far more data than he was using so wasn’t getting great value for his money.


His requirements for the new phone weren’t demanding – dual SIM, 32GB+ storage, good camera, large display and a headphone socket. A Motorola 5G model had caught his eye but was priced above what he wanted to pay. Our resident Android phone geek Greg highlighted 5G models from manufacturers such as Xiaomi, Oppo and OnePlus which were around the right price and had the desired features. There are plenty of models out there to choose from which makes it hard to choose the right one, so asking on Yammer is useful step, particularly if you need help with explaining what the various features are.




Computer Help


Andrea asked for some help with buying a webcam – a bit of a tricky task these days where COVID induced work from home rules have emptied the shelves of many stores and made finding the model you want at the price you want a bit difficult.


We were able to explain what various terms such as HD and FHD meant, and what was going to be suitable for the intended use of making video calls to family and friends. In the end she had to purchase what was available but was at least able to pick something suitable and knew what she was getting.



G Suite Help & Discussion


To support our move from Office365 based products to G Suite Greg created the “G Suite Help & Discussion” group. This is where to come to get general help with using everything G Suite, finding tips and links to tutorials, and posts highlighting various tools. There is a huge range of apps available for both in browser use and on your phone, from office type apps to photography apps and everything in between.


Wanting to know about two-factor authentication (2FA) to secure your accounts? And yes, you should be using it. This is the place to ask.


If you have a question about the e-mail transition please use “Our move to Google G Suite” group which is dedicated specifically to this.