Essendon Daytime Group Report September 2019

John Guegan

Our three meetings for this month are over and we look forward to October for our next three meetings for that month. Each meeting follows a similar format when we have a Q&A session which usually takes us up to morning tea time.

Nick Merrigan, our computer operator, and the font of all knowledge usually has several web sites for us to look at, which have posted some subject of interest that sparks some further engagement from the members present. We have several members, John Nelson, Rod Britton, Brian Hallam and Armin Freibrueck, who regularly step and do presentation that are of interest to the members. At our last meeting Rod Britton showed us the process he uses when making Birthday Cards, most recently for a 90 year old friend, sourcing his characters from Google and pasting the into a card format using Publisher for printing on glossy photo paper.

We try and make each meeting interesting and informative in a friendly atmosphere, so if you have nothing to do on a Friday morning and don’t mind a drive, come to Essendon you will be most welcome.